Blog posts for No limit blades

  • Tulip Engraving

    Engraving this for someone who really likes tulips. I think it looks great
  • The Commodore

    The Commodore" is all flat ground now. He still looks naked without a handle and some engravings though. I think I'll help him out with those. If ...
  • The start of a knife

    Here is a look at some knives in the beginning of the making progress. I'm just doing two of each of a few of my designs at first, to see how I like them. The steel is old saw blade, L6. Makes great quality knives and VERY durable and holds an edge great.
  • Assassin creed symbol knife

    The handle material is a red, white, and black acrylic. With a black spacer material between the handle and the blade. The blade is 440C stainles...
  • My EDC (everyday carry) knife

    This is my everyday carry knife. It's Damascus steel. I put desert Iron wood scales (handles) on it and did a lot of work on the blade. It's really...
  • Jurassic Park Knife

    This is the Jurassic knife. My son wanted to make a knife and so we built it together. he did about 90% of the work. The knife was done using hands...
  • Custom Elephant Engraving Knife with Viking saying

    Custom Elephant engraving with viking saying birdseye maple handle