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  • We also sharpen tools!

    Don't forget that No Limit Blades sharpens gardening tools too. Man I love sharp things.
  • Heat Treating

    Heat treating a Viking pocket axe while forging and annealing a couple others. Love making these!! The one I am heat treating is L6 (old saw blade)...
  • Wood burning for a Customer

    A customer requested custom boxes for his orders so I picked up a new skill in wood burning. They loved how they turned out.
  • Zebra and Giraffe hoof stock tool sharpening

    Sharpening the zoo's hoof stock tool
  • Sharpening woodworking tools

     I can sharpen woodworking tools too. If it can do this to the hair, just imagine what it can do to the wood....  ...
  • Scythe

    Here's the newest member of the No Limit Blades family. It's called the Scythe. This one is L6 (old saw blade) high carbon steel, and ultrex (laye...
  • Buck Deer and Juma Jem Handle

    Buck Deer and Juma Jem Handle
  • Kraken/Octopus freehand engraved Hybrid epoxy and burl handle

    Yellow handled Kraken Blade
  • A Cleaver made in memory of a good boy

    This was a custom request for a memorial blade for a good boy named Rez.
  • Viking Seax

    Here's a stunning viking seax I just finished up. It's got a 10" cutting edge, made from L6(OLD saw blade) high carbon steel, hybrid (burl hardwo...
  • File Test on this freshly engraved and heat treated chef/cake knife for a wedding. I am digging it